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June 3-June 12 Mass Intentions

Saturday, June 3

4:30pm Ted Marry

by Aunt Bobbye & Aunt Mel

Sunday, June 4

8:00am May Marry 22nd Anniversary

by Betty Camp Family

11:00am Dorothy Meredith

by SHS Choir

Monday, June 5

8:00am Parishioners of

by Parish

Tuesday, June 6

5:45pm Lorna Busch

by Chris

Wednesday, June 7

8:00am Shelly & Jack Veneros

by Wilma Bade

Thursday, June 8

8:00am Charles Mansfield

by K of C

Friday, June 9 (Please Note Time Change)

8:00am Frances Gregor

by Jim & Vivian Thompson

Saturday, June 10

4:30pm Connie Kope

by Mark & Jana Monahan

Sunday, June 11

8:00am Alan Rony

by Bill & Deb

11:00am Bill & Pat Wollet

by Brennan Boys

Monday, June 12 NO MASS

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