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Calvary Cemetery is owned and operated by Sacred Heart Parish, within the Diocese of Lansing, for the benefit of parish members, their immediate families and family members of those buried there.


It is located at the southwest edge of Hudson, in Pittsford Township, on the south side of US 127, just south of the M-34 & US-127 intersection. It is easily identified by the large granite arch entrance and the black fence along US-127.


The land was purchased in 1909 and by October of that year, parish member started clearing, grading and plotting the land. The first burial was Mrs. Mary Broderick in October 11, 1909. The first monument installed was Thomas Meredith monument, weighing 8600lbs, in December 1909.  The oldest person buried in Calvary is Bernard McCullen, born in Ireland in 1765.


The new Calvary Cemetery replaced two smaller and older Catholic Cemeteries in the area. In the late 1840’s the first Catholic Church was built and land set aside for a cemetery at the corner of Munson Highway and Medina road. Today this location is known as Catholic Hill. In 1861, land was purchased south of the south end of Spring Street for a cemetery near the new Catholic Church on the corner of Spring St. and School St. The cemetery was the Sacred Heart Cemetery and also known as the Spring Street Cemetery.


It is not known how many were buried in these two cemeteries, but starting in 1912 for the Sacred Heart Cemetery and 1913 for the Catholic Hill Cemetery permission was granted to relocate the remains and/or grave monuments to the new Calvary Cemetery. Approximately 127 remains and/or monuments were relocated from the Catholic Hill Cemetery and approximately 296 from the Sacred Heart Cemetery.  It is not known how many remains and grave monuments were not relocated. 


There are several family generations buried in Calvary Cemetery with 25 plus family members of the Dillon, Fitzpatrick, Gahagan, Haley, Hartley, Hughes, Malarney, Marry, Meredith, Monahan and Roney families buried there.


Over the years, Calvary Cemetery has seen several improvements such as paving the primary road, changing the layout of the back third, relocation of the statues, addition of water faucets, addition and removal of trees and a new perimeter road. Improvements will continue to keep Calvary a beautiful and viable cemetery for future centuries.

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