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From the Pastor's Desk, July 10, 2022

Dear Sacred Heart and St. Mary on the Lake,

We will welcome Deacon Seamus Kettner back to our parishes next weekend, July 16th and 17th. He will be preaching at all of our weekend Masses. It will be great to have him here again.

There are two Theology on Tap events this summer. These are always fun events - good questions and conversations.

The first will be in Hillsdale this Friday, July 15th, at Rough Draft from 6:30-8pm. Fr. Ginu and I will be joining Fr. David Reamsynder.

Fr. David will join us at the second one which will be held at Butch’s Sports Bar in Hudson on Friday July 29th from 6:30-8pm.

I just finished Fr. Mike Schmitz’s Bible in a Year Podcast.

It is really excellent. As Catholics we need to be steeped more and more in scripture. As St. Jerome put it, ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ. Thankfully for us the Bible has never been more accessible than it is now. If you use the podcast, you will on average spend 20-25 minutes a day as Fr. Mike reads 3-4 chapters and then offers some commentary.

Having finished the podcast, I am now shifting to another Bible in a Year. This one is in book form if you prefer that format. There are different versions of this beautiful Bible you can choose from. Here is a link to the one I went with: .

Bible in a Year is designed to give you daily selections from the Old Testament, New Testament, and Wisdom Literature to help you read and pray all 73 books of Holy Scripture in one year.

Each daily reflection is intended to open up the Scriptures and facilitate a deeper meditation that leads to an encounter with God through His Word.

The easy-to-use format will help inspire you to keep reading the Bible every day of the year day by day, month by month, year after year. Through the daily reading of Sacred Scripture, you will hear the beauty and majesty of the Word that God intended just for you.

Key To Success: Appoint a Time and a Place

All you need to do is choose the time and place each day that you will prayerfully read God’s Word. Select a time you know you can make each day. The wisdom of God’s Word is that you put first things first in the day, ideally praying and reading in the morning: “He who fears the Lord will accept his discipline, and those who rise early will find favor” (Sirach 32:14). Abraham, Moses, and Isaiah were each known to arise early to pray … Indeed, Jesus himself prayed in the early hours of the morning (see Mk 1:35). But whatever time you choose, put it into your calendar as an appointment, and stick with it. Choose a place to read - one that is comfortable, and most importantly, quiet and free from distractions.

God is never outdone in generosity. Anytime we make room for Him, He will more than return that gift.

God Bless,

Fr. Todd

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