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Deacon's Corner 3/24/2024

Thank you for the positive feedback I received from many of you about my homily last weekend.  I’ve been asked to share the surrender prayer that we prayed at the end of it….


Take a moment, close your eyes, and consider whatever is weighing on your heart.


Colossians Chapter 3 says “turn your eyes upon Jesus, and things of this world will grow

strangely dim.”


Now turn your eyes to Jesus hanging on that cross up here.

Be honest. Ask him where - do you want me to focus right now in my struggles?

Where are you calling me to persevere and pick back up again?


Look at your burdens though his eyes as the will of God entrusted to you in this moment.


Then, no matter how desperate and overwhelming everything seems to be, say to him:


Jesus. I surrender myself to you.  Please take over. 

Let God’s will be done, not mine. 

Help me let go.

Show me the next step to get closer to God,

so I can find the new life waiting for me on the other side of my cross.


I love you. And I trust you. Amen.


Surrendering everything to God has never been easy for me.  This prayer is something I put together inspired by some Lenten reflections and listening to the daily Hallow Pray40 app.  I pray it helps you let go as much as it helps me.  May you have a blessed Holy Week experience walking with Jesus and look forward to a joyous Easter!


Deacon John


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