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Meet Evelyn, again. Seven years ago, I wrote about my 3-year-old energetic, somewhat precocious but always adorable, red-headed niece in Cleveland; and how when Evelyn’s mom went for her 20-week ultrasound the news was devastating.  Evelyn’s brain showed signs of not developing.  The doctors said most likely, Evelyn would be born without a brain.  They suggested to “interrupt the pregnancy”.  Evelyn’s mom and dad didn’t give it a second thought – they said, “Absolutely NO!” 


Immediately, our prayer warriors at both parishes fired up and prayed for Evelyn through prayer chains, rosaries, and at Eucharistic Adoration.  You prayed for the intersession of St. Gianna - the patron saint of mothers, physicians, and unborn children.  But more ultrasounds and tests continued to show grim results, even up to the time of Evelyn’s birth.  Still, her mom and dad kept hope and chose life for their daughter.  Today, Evelyn is a perfectly healthy, beautiful, energetic, still precocious and always adorable, 3rd grader in the gifted and talented program. So, what do you think? Is Evelyn’s story a miracle or faulty test results?  God only knows for sure.


But we do know that God gives each of us a unique dignity because we are made in His image and likeness.  That’s why we must respect and protect all human life from the moment life begins with conception and the smallest of embryos to the point of natural death.  Pope Benedict XVI wrote, we cannot assert the values of human dignity, justice, and peace on one hand; but act radically different with the other hand allowing human life to be devalued and violated. In other words, every human life is Sacred - and it’s our job to protect it.


Evelyn now lives in South Carolina with her parents, younger brother, and Grammy (our good friend Becky you saw visiting us during Holy week). She enjoys playing video games, collecting seashells and rocks, Girl Scouts, gymnastics, karate, and fighting with her younger brother (LOL). All because of your prayers and her parents choosing life.


By the way, Becky truly enjoyed praying and worshipping at both of our parishes during Holy Week. All of you were very welcoming and gracious, making her visit a memorable one. May each of you have a very Blessed Easter Season!


Deacon John


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