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September 2-10 Mass Intentions

Saturday, September 2

4:30pm Franklin Kope 2nd Anniversary by Nate & Dee

Sunday, September 3

8:00am Beth Beal by Bill & Family

11:00am Deceased members of the Lawrence Family for Theresa, Steve & Stephen

Monday, September 4


Tuesday, September 5

4:45pm Confession & Adoration

5:45pm Dan & Catherine Monahan by Marie Hartley

Wednesday, September 6

8:00am Daniel Michael Monahan by Dad

Thursday, September 7

8:00am Jack Shaffer by Family

Friday, September 8

9:00am Jim Hartley Sr. 51st Anniversary and Lucy Hartley by Family

Saturday, September 9

4:30pm John Hartley 5th Anniversary by Family

Sunday, September 10

8:00am William Wollet 34th Anniversary by Patricia & Family

11:00am Idris Roan by Family

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