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Mass Intentions May 27-June 4

Saturday, May 27

4:30pm - Patricia Wollet

by Dan and Rita

Sunday, May 28

8:00am - May Marry

by Family

Monday, May 29

9:00am at Calvary Cemetery - For All Who Served Our Country

by Parish

Tuesday, May 30

5:45pm - Helen Gregg

by Family

Wednesday, May 31

8:00am - David Cole

by Wilma Bade

Thursday, June 1

8:00am - Anne Neiling

Friday, June 2

9:00am - Ellen Mooney

by Aunt Bobbye & Aunt Mel

Saturday, June 3

4:30pm - Ted Marry

by Aunt Bobbye and Aunt Mel

Sunday, June 4

8:00am - May marry 2nd Anniversary

by Betty Camp Family

11:00am - Dorothy Meredith

by SHS Choir

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