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Mass Intentions June 26-July 2

Saturday, June 24

430pm Steve & Mary Ann Kingsley ~ 50th Wedding Anniversary by Family

Sunday, June 25

8am Gus & Betty Kimling by Family

11am Gloria Bump by Dee Bellman Family

Monday, June 26

8am People of the parish

Tuesday, June 27

445pm Confession & Adoration

545pm Chad Meredith by Dennis & Melody Brown

Wednesday, June 28

8am James John & Norma Day Veneros by Family

Thursday, June 29

8am Richard Bade by Tony & Linda Marry

Friday, June 30

8am Don Wines by Robert & Tammy Houser

Saturday, July 1

430pm Chris Hoyt by Jan Fisher

Sunday, July 2

8am Bud Monahan by Downing Family

11am Marybeth Cottington by Gary & Beth Johnson

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