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Fr. Todd Bulletin, November 6, 2022

Dear Sacred Heart and St. Mary on the Lake,

I always forget how full November is with good things. Next Saturday, the 12th, is the Sacred Heart School Gala (you can check at the parish office to see if any tickets are still available). My Dad and Uncle, Fr. Bill, will be joining me that evening. The following Friday, the 18th, is the feather party where we can bingo for turkeys. I will be hosting a decent chunk of the family for the bingo - one great-aunt, my mom, sister, a brother, and a handful of the nieces. With any luck one of us will win a turkey. Fr. Ginu will be surrounded by Koenigsknechts!

This Sunday we received Tim Shaw into the Church at our 8am Mass at Sacred Heart. He, his wife, and their four children are a blessing for our community and school. Thank you to Linda Higgins who accompanied him these past months.

Nov 6-12 is national vocation awareness week. Please continue to pray for an increase in vocations to the priesthood. We have been so blessed in the seminarians we have had come through. They are all doing well. So just a few updates on them:

Thomas Crowley is currently in Rome for a study abroad semester. He said that he would pray for us in all those holy sites that fill the eternal city. He is generally an enthusiastic guy so I am sure he is loving his time there.

I was at Sacred Heart Major Seminary this past Friday for a special Mass where Daniel LaCroix and my brother Randy received the ministry of lector. While they have been reading at Mass for many years this is a special moment where they are entrusted with the Scriptures that they may form an ever more pivotal part of their life. At this point they are two and half years from ordination..

Joshua Bauer is settling in well for his first semester at Sacred Heart Seminary. His room is just down the hall from my brother Randy. I have heard rumors any downtime is quickly taken up with card games/board games/the occasional movie. Having spent his first four years of seminary in Minnesota he is enjoying being closer to home and family.

Jack Jobst will be taking some time at a Parish starting this January. He has been assigned to go to St. Joseph in Howell which is the parish where my twin brother is. He will be getting the Koenigsknecht sandwich having worked with both of us. I already told my brother how much a blessing Jack will be to have in the parish and at the school.

Deacon Seamus Kettner is finishing his last year of seminary. He is also assigned to my brother Fr. Gary’s parish for this final year. He spends his weekends serving there. He is already well loved and doing well. The date for his priestly ordination is June 10th, 2023 if you want to get your calendar marked. He will come down for a Mass of Thanksgiving in the few weeks following his ordination.

Jesus told us that the harvest is ready but the laborers are few, so ask the master of the harvest to send more laborers. Please continue to pray for all of our seminarians and for many more to hear and follow the call.

God Bless,

Fr. Todd

On Tuesday, November 8th we will have Adoration from 10:00 am—3:00pm at St. Mary on the Lake to Fight Like Heaven for all Catholics to vote NO on Proposal 3. Our nation greatly needs peace regarding the political climate in our nation. Please get to the polls and vote.

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