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Deacon's Corner 11/19/2023

********************* CALLING ALL MEN!!! ********************

You are invited to join us in January for a men’s retreat the weekend of January 19 to January 21 at the St. Paul of the Cross Retreat Center in Detroit. The retreat starts with dinner on Friday night and ends on Sunday after 11:00 Mass.

This weekend gives you the opportunity to step away from the chaos in your life and reconnect with Jesus. There will be talks by the retreat center’s two Passionist priests and their staff, daily Mass in the chapel, opportunities to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation and spiritual direction, as well as plenty of private time to pray, read, and rest. Everything on the retreat schedule is optional so you can “customize” your weekend to your own personal needs. You will

have your own room with a private bath and meals in the dining hall. The cost of the retreat is a suggested donation, but NO one should let the cost stop them from attending. Some give more, some give less, and some are unable to give at all. Either way – all are welcome!

This year’s retreat theme is “Dancing with God”, but don’t let Satan fool you into thinking this is a dance class for those of us who don’t like to dance! Zephaniah Chapter 3 says”....and the Father will dance as at festivals, because of you.” How fitting then, in a world that has forgotten how to dance, how to rejoice in being God’s very own beloved children, to remember the joy and peace that God wants for each of us. This retreat allows us to take time for the inner dance of being with God who invites us to the dance floor of prayer, trust, and life no matter our hesitancy, fears, and concerns of doing it wrong or not feeling comfortable doing something at all. I’ve been attending this retreat for the past 17 years and enjoyed every one of them. I used to think that I couldn’t take time for a retreat. But then I remembered even Jesus took time away by himself to be alone and pray. Don’t each of us need this time as well? It’s a great way to check out of the world and spend time with other brothers doing the same thing.

I ask you to consider coming on this retreat. Last year we had 8 men attend from our 2 parishes. This year we would like to have more. You can register by calling the retreat center at (313) 286- 2802, online at, or just contact me (734-904-0637 or Please feel free to call me if you have any questions. We hope to see you there!

Deacon John

PS – When I’m away on my retreat weekend, Kimberly enjoys her own “sewing” retreat at home.

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