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August 5-13, 2023 Mass Intentions

Saturday, August 5

4:30pm Kevin Molter by Peggy

Sunday, August 6

8:00am Floyd Braun 15th Anniversary by Carolyn

11:00am Idris Roan 3rd Anniversary by Family

Monday, August 7

8:00am Sacred Heart Parishioners by Parish

Tuesday, August 8

4:45pm Confession & Adoration

5:45pm Judy Donaldson by Carol Weaver

Wednesday, August 9

8:00am Rev. Kenneth McDonald

Thursday, August 10

8:00am Fred & Phyllis Sword by Charlene & Melissa

Friday, August 11

8:00am Beth Beal 6th Anniversary by Bill & Family

Saturday, August 12

4:30pm Chris Hoyt be Dennis & melody Brown

Sunday, August 13

8:00am Norma Hackett 21st Anniversary by Family

11:00am CJ & Mary Dupree, Ellen & Jimmy Williams by Linda

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