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We have two opportunities to deepen your relationship with Christ, the church and be with your fellow catholic friends from SH and SMOL:

Fearless Retreat - this is for anyone who has been on a previous Confirmation Retreat. March 22-24 at Our Lady of the Fields camp in Brighton. Mrs. Loar can provide transportation and chaperone if needed.

Steubenville Youth Conferences: We are looking at a few dates to take another group - if you are a HS student or will be a freshman in the fall, you are welcome to attend. There are no words to describe a Steubenville Youth Conference - you just have to experience it yourself!  Proposed dates are either: June 28-30, 2024 July 12-14, 2024. We are in need of male adult chaperones. 

For more information please contact Jen Loar   (517-673-1185) or Jen Tedora (734-777-1302). Funding will be provided to offset some of the retreat/conference costs.


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