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2023 Diocesan Services Appeal

Dear Parish Family,

I write this letter to invite you join me in support of the 2023 Diocesan Services Appeal – “Offer to God a sacrifice of thanksgiving.” This scripture text is a call to show our thanks for our many gifts. The Psalmist urges us to action – to sacrifice to God for the many gifts

He has given us, and that greatest gift: the gift of His Son in the Holy Eucharist.

My friends, DSA is one opportunity to sacrifice to God, by giving generously to support the ministries and charitable organizations of the Church in the Diocese of Lansing in communion with fellow Catholics. I ask you to join me, and join together, in support of the good works of our Catholic Church. Our contributions are put to work, right away, in a multitude of ministries to offer direct assistance to individuals and families and to parishes, Catholic schools, and Catholic Charities agencies.

Please prayerfully consider making a DSA contribution this year. A DSA video message from Bishop Boyea is available below. You may also use this link to make a DSA gift via credit card or electronic funds transfer from a bank account. Pledge forms will also be provided at liturgies on DSA Commitment Weekend, March 4 & 5.

Our DSA parish goal for 2023 is $33,460, and with your help, I am confident we can reach that goal. Once we reach our goal, 50% of any contributions received, over and above our parish goal, will be returned to our local parish.

Thank you for your generosity. Be assured of my prayers for you and your loved ones.

Sincerely Yours in Christ,

Fr. Todd Koenigsknecht Pastor

P.S. We’re pleased to continue to offer a recurring monthly gift option this year! Simply go to to make a recurring monthly contribution until you choose to stop. Thank you!

To Donate to DSA click here

The Bishop's DSA Message

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