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10/8/2023 Deacon's Corner

On Saturday, October 14th , our Knights of Columbus Council is sponsoring a rosary rally as part of a worldwide celebration of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima. This rosary rally is an annual tradition to pray the Rosary for peace as our Blessed Mother requested 106 years ago when she appeared six times in Fatima, Portugal telling people to pray the Rosary for world peace.

The last appearance was on October 13, 1917. It had rained throughout the night before, soaking the ground and pilgrims traveling to Fatima by the thousands to see Our Lady appear at noon as she promised. As noon local time passed, Mary did not appear. However, when the sun arrived directly overhead, Mary was seen rising in the east. She turned the palms of her hands towards the sky. Although the rain had stopped, dark clouds still obscured the sun. Suddenly, the sun burst through the clouds and was seen as a soft spinning disk of silver. Recorded, eyewitness accounts tell how people saw the face of the Blessed Virgin Mary and watched the sun, without any discomfort, tremble and dance in the sky. Some claimed the sun changed colors and whirled on itself like a giant wheel that lowered to the earth as if to burn it with its rays. The crowed cried out and people fell on their knees to pray. 70,000 people witnessed this Miracle of the Sun, including atheists, communists, and non-Catholics. Some of them converted to our faith. You can find actual pictures taken at the time of this miracle event by searching “Miracle of the Sun” on the internet.

Everyone is invited to gather for this Rosary Rally at Noon near the club house at Shaffer’s Evergreen Golf Course in Hudson. Please consider joining us. Praying the rosary can draw out the deepest desires in our souls - desires for God and God alone. Even taking just a few minutes to pray one decade allows us to slow us down, calm our hearts, and rest in God’s presence. This week, let’s all take time to pray the Rosary for peace in our nation. Then ask our Blessed Mother to help us find peace in our heart.

Deacon John

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