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June 17-25 Mass Intentions

Saturday, June 17

4:30pm Mary Jean Schroeder

by Marie Hartley

Sunday, June 18

8:00am Wesley Camp

by Betty & Family Sacred Heart

11:00am Lorna Busch

by Family Sacred Heart

Monday, June 19

NO MASS Sacred Heart

Tuesday, June 20

5:45pm Living & Deceased Members of Robert & Virginia Gathman Family

by Marie Hartley Sacred Heart

Wednesday, June 21

8:00am Pat Reuter

by Chres Reuter Family Sacred Heart

Thursday, June 22

8:00am Michelle Hartley 7th Anniversary

by Aunt Marie Sacred Heart

Friday, June 23

8:00am Dick Mueser 3rd Anniversary

by Chres Reuter Family

Saturday, June 24

4:30pm Steve & Mary Ann Kingsley 50th Wedding Anniversary

by Family

Sunday, June 25

8:00am Gus & Betty Kimling

by Family Sacred Heart

11:00am Gloria Bump

by Dee Bellman Family Sacred Heart

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